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Screenwriter Short Hand

The fastest way to get started on an "early draft" of your screenplay.

Better for brainstorming and structuring your story BEFORE you convert it to screenplay format.

Converts a simple plain text format into Final Draft 8 FDX format.

The generator software is free and requires the latest version of Java (version 1.8). Download Java here.

Download Short Hand software. Runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux.


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Four step demo:

Step 1: Create a plain text file containing Short Hand format.

Notepad++ is optional, but it is free and available on Windows or Mac or Linux (using Wine).

SHD file example

Step 2: Generate a Final Draft 8 file (Windows, Mac, or Linux)

The generator software is free and requires the latest version of Java (see "download" above)

Short Hand software

Step 3: Open the generated FDX file in Final Draft 8

Final Draft is the film industry standard for screenplays.

Open Final Draft 8

Step 4: View the FDX file in Final Draft 8

None of your content goes to waste, it is all used in FDX.

View Final Draft 8

Once your screenplay is ready for sale or production you will want to put it into the Final Draft software. Final Draft offers support for many phases of film production and is accepted at most screenplay competitions and production houses. The generated FDX should work in Final Draft 9, but that has never been tested.